On the right track: Comparing timeclock software in 2016

Your New Year’s resolution is improving your business processes in 2016, and you’re ready to invest in the integrated time clock job tracking software that will transform your payroll into a thing of beauty. A Google search reveals choices ranging from the basics to high-tech versions that practically interpret employee auras. So, how do you determine which system will best serve your needs?

Factors to consider:

  1. Employee count. Companies with fewer than 40 employees may well meet their needs with basic systems, according to Buyerzone.com. But larger companies may opt for spendier versions offering more features, more robust reporting and greater support.
  2. Tools needed. What features would save you the most time and money, and which would remain unused? Does the system allow multiple users? Adjust for pay rates and rules? Send automated alerts? Offer a mobile app?
  3. Employee ID method. Photos or biometrics may work to negate time theft, but environment should be factored in. For example, must workers remove gear to check in and out?
  4. Web-based or custom. Web options offer mobile access and efficiencies similar to in-house versions without the expensive servers, terminals or access points, licenses, implementation, ongoing IT support and software upgrades of in-house options.
  5. Integration with current systems and databases. Does the system jibe with current payroll methods? Is technology infrastructure in place at all locations?
  6. Learning curve. Software should be intuitive enough for staffers to learn quickly, and training should be offered.
  7. Price. Will the system pay for itself in a reasonable amount of time? Nucleus Research estimates the average company payroll error rate at 1.2 percent without automated systems.
  8. Reliability. Be aware of the software’s “fail rate,” i.e. misreads, false positives and other reliability factors. Are free trials offered? What about the company’s experience level and track record? Seek references and testimonials.

Whichever route you choose, your new automated system is bound to increase payroll accuracy and cut out the costs of obsolete paper-based systems. As Buyerzone puts it, “Modern time and attendance software can make you wonder how you ever got by with your old-fashioned time clock.”

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