Do You Remember Your Pre-Internet Self?

When Internet connections fail, most people find themselves utterly lost. The world appears to be moving right by them and they have absolutely no way of checking in. This is just one of the many signs that the web is playing a larger than ever role in the typical person’s life. Much like rotary phones, pay phones, print newspapers and pagers, other ways of sending and receiving information are on their way out. More importantly, the Internet is dramatically changing the way that people approach life, relationships and responsibilities.

Having web access in the commercial environment is just as essential as it is at home. Companies have found that email, fax to email services and online data sharing are all far more cost-effective and convenient than outdated fax machines. Most companies have online platforms for connecting with their clients as well. Whether sending out quotes, receiving quote requests or resolving customer inquiries via online chat systems, businesses realize that having web access and an array of viable platforms is an absolute necessity. Without them, many professionals would still be going door-to-door, delivering brochures or making cold calls from lonely offices.

When personal computer use and company time are fused together, problems can occur. All of the human resource warnings in the world cannot keep social network junkies from updating their profiles, sending out selfies and catching up on the latest gossip from their desks. In order for companies to function optimally, many employees must have complete and unrestricted access to the web, and yet, this can also lead to dramatic reductions in productivity, focus and even office morale.

Online timecard software and other time tracking solutions can provide a far greater level of accountability. These are offered as Software as a Service, or SaaS solutions, so that there is no need for companies to install or maintain these programs. They just have to use them. When time tracking is moved online, employees can log in their arrival and departure times, their breaks and even their sick and vacation hours. The data that is collected by these tools can then be used for efficient payroll processes and to gain further insight into exactly how employees are spending their time on the job. Other SaaS solutions can be used in conjunction with online time tracking software that assist with talent management (given that talent is one of the most valuable assets companies have), performance management and human resource management. Together, all of this data can lead to educated hiring, firing and promotion decisions.

Another invaluable benefit of using online timecard software as part of a SaaS solution is the fact that these programs are absolutely invulnerable to IT failure. This means that if the power goes out while the team is busy tweeting about the latest celebrity pregnancies, there is no need to worry about data loss. For people and companies who are becoming increasingly reliant upon the Internet and the receipt and transfer of digital data, virtual storage and SaaS are becoming just as vital as the Internet itself.

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