How Relationships Are Key to Your Company’s Success

Everyone knows about the value of relationships. Friendships, marriages, parent-child relationships, and budding romances are all important relationships to have throughout life. What most people don’t realize, though, is that their relationships inside the work place can have a dramatic effect on just how successful a business can be. Opening the lines for communication, being open to input and constructive criticism, and trusting praise are all included when boosting the company’s working relationships.

How can an employer open the lines for better communication in the work place? Issues like misunderstandings, vaguely outlined rules, principles on time management, and not speaking out can hinder a company’s overall success. Employers should pave the way to open communication within their business, by first being absolutely clear about their expectations. If employers are straight-forward about time management and what’s expected of their employees, there is a much better chance of employees paying attention and following the guidelines set down for them. Practices such as implementing online timecard software and schedules, and having specific times when employees need to be at work, will help make clear to employees about when to do what, and they won’t be as likely to fall behind on work due to poor time management.

More ways to open the lines for communication exist when employers take the time to discuss any concerns with their employees. Many employers are afraid to voice complaints or constructive criticism, mostly because they don’t want their employees to take it the wrong way. The worst thing an employer can do is hold back when something isn’t quite right. An employee may have handled a business meeting in a way that’s less than exemplary, or may have done something that caused the business to lose out on a sale. Whatever the issue, employers need to take the time to evaluate and discuss with their employees, to offer constructive criticism, while at the same time expressing their concern. This method will open up frequently “closed clams,” as well as pave the way for successful communication about important company matters.

Good communication doesn’t have to just mean expressing concerns and offering better ways of doing something. Employers will get positive results, ensuring better work morale, when they take the time to give praise to their employees. If an employee smoothly handled a rough business meeting, or if they offered satisfactory customer service that went above and beyond what was called for, they deserve to know about it. Employers who express pride and gratitude with their employees will ultimately have happier workers, resulting in more successful business practices. Employers should always remember to include these praises whenever they find reason to offer constructive criticism as well.

With open communication, employers and employees can build trust within the work place. Not being open and keeping thoughts to oneself can be a detriment on any business, making success only a dream.