Optimize Management with Employee Time Clock Software

Organizations use various software to better manage their employee’s routines, schedules, payroll, and absenteeism. One of the popular solutions among those is time clock software. It is a complete system which is used by companies to record employee working hours and performs the functions of leave management, PTO, employee scheduling, and task management.

Organizations think that time clock software is an electronic method of just punching the clock, which seems to underestimate its total worth. This software can increase a company’s profit, employee accountability, and output.

Supervisors and managers get relieved of the routine administration tasks related to time tracking records when all these tasks are shifted onto the employee. The appropriate training and communication in connection with employee time clock software can empower your employees, and also it reflects a positive impact upon the organization in profitability, market share, and productivity.

Employee time clock software provides an element of security to avoid buddy punching and time theft issues. These security features are essential to prevent loss and ensure accurate tracking of time. Some 50% of employees have confessed to time theft, and 16% have confessed to buddy punching.

Employee time clock software can provide the safety of lockout periods, late clock alerts, e-signature, photo id, and more. Employee time clock software is a secure cloud-based and reliable time card software for any size organization. It is designed for payroll, bookkeepers, and business owner professionals to track employee paid time off accruals, shift notes, job, time, absences, and scheduled shifts.

Manager creating employee schedules from their mobile device.

Time clock software allows you to create schedules, track job costing as well as paid time off from any device with an internet connection.

Time clock software helps to optimize employee management through the following:

Job Tracking

Employee time clock helps organizations track working hours. Along with this, a job tracker app also helps to calculate the cost required to perform each job. Employee time clock software can compare cost and budget to solve employee management problems.

Employee Scheduling

Employee time clock software helps to create a schedule and shift information quickly, which is perhaps one of the best benefits of employee scheduling software. You can add details to an employee shift such as the specific tasks they’ll be working on. This software also easily calculates late arrivals as well and inform you when an employee punches time outside of their scheduled shift.

Paid Time off Auto Accruals

You may be wondering how to track employee vacation time. Well, employee time clock software is best way to keep track of employee vacation time as it enables auto accrual rules for those who are given paid time off. The system allows for a more straightforward calculation of employee balance for their holidays and can help an organization decide if it is supposed to approve the request of employee time off or not.

Employee time clock software can improve an organization’s operations by offering reliable metrics and efficient bookkeeping to measure actual labor costs. Employee time clock software strengthens the focus on worker empowerment and the optimization of a company’s effects on customer experience and bottom line.

Employee time clock software ensures that companies are managing attendance and time of employees smoothly and with improved accuracy, confidence, and efficiency of record keeping. Human resource managers can have better insight into employee operations using this software. Employee time clock software gives way to optimal management of employees along with increased productivity of labor and overall staff.

Employee leaving work early, but staying on the clock to get extra hours.

Many benefits come with using time tracking software including virtually eliminating time theft, improving accuracy and increasing employee accountability.


There are many different benefits that come with using an employee time clock software including increased security, accuracy and accountability. Not to mention that it can provide you insight into daily operations.


Mobile time tracking software starts time tracking through an application, web-based or mobile when a worker punches in for their shift. Accounting department and human resource integration help to generate reports on payroll and time records, which eliminates the need for manual attendance and time record keeping.

Employee time clock software is a great choice for any organization because of its efficient attendance and time management capability. The software consists of all the features which businesses need to manage routines of their workers such as providing multiple ways to punch in and out, scheduling tools and paid time off management.

With employee time clock software, employees can effectively manage their time with the help of wall-mounted time clocks, web browsers, and mobile applications. This software enables team members to use their biometric data to punch in and out, scan a QR code, or scan a badge.


Any information taken from the time clock software can be generated and then saved in the cloud. This will reduce the chances of human error when calculating hours, pay details, and accumulation of sick, personal, and vacation time.

In addition to this, another essential element of the time clock software is that it generates audit trials. Audit and data trials are demonstrated in real-time, eliminating favoritism or subjectivity in reporting. Any information which is generated from this software can help in measuring the impact of the company’s policies on its employees.

It is often the case that the employees might cover for other colleagues by buddy punching to show that an employee is working, even if it is not the case. It is important to note that there are time clocks that use cameras or ask for the use of badges, PINs, or FOBs for access. For instance, Buddy Punch, makes use of biometric logins to ensure employees are only punching time for themselves.

Data for Business Decisions

Gathering data and metrics when it comes to time tracking is only a tiny element of a highly successful business. You must be able to use this information to help you make reasonable business decisions.

Real-time data for employees can be gathered on overtime, scheduled hours, and days off for illness, personal time, and vacations. You can use this information to better schedule your employees to ensure your business needs are met. You may find that more employees request off in the month of July, so you may need to bring in on-call staff or part-time employees to cover.

Time clock software can also be customized to integrate into a company’s existing system for human resources, point of sale, marketing, accounting, and supply chain logistics. It implements the policies which are taken from the real-time data along with the flexibility of policies because data may change over time, contributing to the success of the company.


Accurate and efficient time tracking is considered key for any business, whether it’s growing, established, or just a start-up. Margins must be thin while the costs must be carefully managed. Investment in time clock software is practical and gives measurable returns. Irrespective of the business growth cycle, it is vital for all employees to make a well-established schedule so that all objectives, tasks, and goals are covered.

The real-time data to track time and reporting features will assist and facilitate management decisions to either implement or change its policies. The greater the energy and time available at the managerial level, the greater will be the time given on performing tasks and executing policies to enhance operations.

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