Meet the New Buddy Punch – Fresh Look + Future PTO

Our team has has been working hard and we’re thrilled to be able to finally launch the new Buddy Punch, along with new features! We have an updated look, website, and some great new content. Based on user feedback, we’ve added a PTO calendar to to make things easier and less confusing when viewing and adding PTO. You can now also view and request PTO in the future.

We've also added some great new features such as adding PTO to multiple employees at once, approving Pending Punches directly from the dashboard, and a new date/time picker.

Read more about all these exciting changes below.

A New Look!

Everything is in the same place that it has always been, but the colors have been updated. Here's some examples of our various pages.
Image Image Image

Future PTO

You can now enter PTO in the future. PTO can be added from the new calendar view, or as you've always entered it, by clicking on the "Add New" button from the time card and selecting "PTO." Here's a help article on how to use the new Future PTO features.

Also if you're an employee looking on how to access your calendar and add PTO, please view our help article here.

A new Date/Time Picker

You'll notice that we have a new date/time picker, that will default to 5 minute increments. Don't worry, if you need a time outside the 5 increments just click to edit the time. You can delete numbers where needed and key them in manually. Please see the example below.


Approve directly from the Dashboard

As a Manager or Administrator you now have new approval options on your dashboard. You can approve all pending punches for a specific employee, or you can approve all punches for all employees using the "Approve All" button.
Also if you don't want to approve directly from the dashboard, you can still look and approve directly from the time card. Just click on the "View" button next to each employee name and pay period to see what needs to be acted on. You can still act directly from the timecard.

More to come...

Next up we're going to be adding in Geofencing for our mobile users as well as a scheduling feature. As we get further along with these features we'll be sure to let you know!