Magic: How to Read Your Customers’ Minds


What if you could magically find out what your customers want? Wouldn’t that be the greatest thing you could ever come across in your business? How would you find out though?

In the movie, “What Women Want,” Mel Gibson is struck by lightning and is given the gift to be able to magically read the minds of women. It creates quite an interesting and sometimes inconvenient truth for him, because it gives him a great deal of power as well.


Do you currently have anything in place that does this for you? There are plenty of tools on the market today which try to address this issue and get inside your customers’ minds. Many of these are easy to employ and use and they only take a few minutes of your time to set up. Others may take a bit more research to get them working for you. Either way you cut it, it’s worth it, if you can gain the valuable information you need that can help you provide what your customers are looking for.


Here are some of the most commonly used ideas for finding out what customers want:

  • Online surveys-Online surveys, like SurveyMonkey, are a good way to get immediate input from customers. Simply have a survey in place on your website and when people finish purchasing something from you, or have a customers service issue, and have the form come up where they can submit their opinion. This kind of tactic goes a long way toward communicating what they want that could improve your services, and also communicates to customers that you care what they think.
  • Online Forms– The advantage to online forms is that people often respond immediately, since it is right there on your website. They will be more likely to do this if you make it easy for them. Have the form in plain sight on your site, so that they will not have to look for it. And make the questions simple and easy to answer, using radio buttons or check boxes.
  • Videos with response forms– Place a video on You Tube and open it up for comments. This way, people will be able to tell their opinion about the information in the video and tell you how you might improve it. Don’t forget to optimize your videos on You Tube and Vimeo by using the same high powered key words you use on your sales page and social media sites.
  • Social media– Social media is one of the best platforms to ask for opinions. Simply open up a question like, “What do you think of our new release?” and see what people say. This is a quick and efficient way to gather public opinion from a variety of people and get some constructive feedback from customers who use your product.

What if you could find a solution that combined the best of all of these ideas? What would it look like?


Innubu is an app that brands with a Facebook page to get real-time customer insight. It allows you to ask questions, analyze and segment answers by integrating with personal information people are sharing on their Facebook profile. This can benefit both businesses of any kind with a message to get across and social media agencies, who gather the information and integrate it with the business ads.

Mobile technology has allowed businesses to peer into the minds of customers in ways it never could have done before. There are numerous tools available on the iOS and Google Play markets which allow you to harbor the power of technology in your hands by finding out what customers are after.

Utilizing the above suggestions and using the mobile technology you have available, business owners are just a step away from becoming mind readers for their customers’ needs. And that is the name of the game in sales.

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