Best Landscaping Crew Tracking Software | How To Choose The Best Landscaping Crew Tracking App?

Landscaping Crew Tracking Software

The powerful landscaping crew tracking software tool simplifies the logistical challenges faced by landscaping businesses and provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing crew management and scheduling. 

Integrating technology into everyday operations allows enterprises to enjoy real-time visibility into their workforce, allowing for better decision-making and resource allocation.

The top three issues that landscaping crew tracking software solves for the business are,

Enhanced Productivity: Landscaping crew tracking software enables businesses to monitor their teams’ activities in real-time, reducing downtime and optimizing workflow. 

With automated scheduling and route optimization features, teams can achieve higher productivity levels, ensuring that every minute is utilized effectively.

Improved Accountability: Keeping tabs on crew members and project timelines is simplified with tracking software. 

Client Satisfaction: Accurate tracking and efficient scheduling contribute to timely project completion. 

Using these software solutions pleases clients and allows for better communication and transparency throughout landscaping.

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What Is Landscaping Crew Tracking Software?
Landscaping crew tracking software optimizes route planning, enhances communication, and improves overall efficiency by harnessing the power of geospatial data and intuitive scheduling features. 

Landscaping professionals can now achieve heightened organization, accountability, and client satisfaction levels, making landscaping crew tracking software an indispensable asset.

How Does Tracking Software For The Landscaping Crew Work?

Landscaping crew tracking software streamlines operations by providing real-time visibility into team activities. 

Utilizing GPS technology, it monitors crew locations, helping managers optimize routes and allocate resources efficiently. 

Task assignment features enable supervisors to assign specific jobs, ensuring productivity. 

Time tracking functionality aids in accurate payroll management, while geofencing alerts notify managers when crews enter or leave designated work areas. 

Additionally, this software often integrates with scheduling tools, enhancing coordination. 

Overall, landscaping crew tracking software enhances communication, reduces manual errors, and promotes efficiency in managing and monitoring landscaping operations. 

What Is The Primary Purpose Of Landscaping Crew Tracking App?

Landscaping Crew Tracking App

A landscaping crew tracking app’s primary purpose is to provide landscaping businesses with a comprehensive and streamlined approach to workforce management

The innovative tool is designed to enhance operational efficiency by offering real-time visibility into the location and activities of landscaping crews. 

The app’s core function is to centralize key aspects of crew management, including tracking work hours, improving accountability, and ensuring timely project completion. 

Why Do You Need A Landscaping Time Tracking App For Your Lawn Care Business?

Following are the reasons to need a landscaping time tracking app.

1. To Better Performance

By meticulously tracking working hours, project timelines, and task assignments, the app enhances accountability and ensures that every moment is utilized effectively. 

The level of visibility streamlines workflow and allows for informed decision-making, resulting in elevated overall performance

2. To Better Accountability

The app fosters a culture of accountability among crew members and provides managers with a comprehensive overview of project timelines and progress

The heightened visibility ensures everyone is on the same page, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays. 

A landscaping time tracking app becomes the basis for cultivating a culture of accountability, ultimately leading to more efficient and successful business operations.

3. To Better Communication

Enhanced communication improves coordination, ensuring everyone is aligned with project timelines and objectives. 

The innovative tool is a centralized platform, allowing teams to stay connected and informed in real-time. 

By accurately recording work hours, task assignments, and project progress, the app promotes transparency and collaboration among crew members and management. 

4. To Target Real Time Location Tracking

A landscaping time tracking app with real-time location tracking capabilities is key to unlocking heightened operational efficiency and staying ahead of the curve. 

The app harnesses advanced GPS technology to provide businesses with instantaneous insights into their teams’ real-time locations. 

The capability not only aids in efficient route planning but also ensures that projects are executed with optimal resource allocation. 

5. To Reduce Errors and Fraud

The tool safeguards against inaccuracies and fraudulent activities by providing a reliable and automated system for recording work hours and tasks

With the app’s meticulous tracking capabilities, businesses can significantly reduce the likelihood of errors in payroll processing and attendance tracking

Moreover, the transparent and verifiable data generated by the app is a deterrent to fraudulent practices, promoting a culture of honesty and accountability among your landscaping crews. 

6. To Better Customer Service

The app enhances communication and transparency by providing real-time insights into project timelines, task progress, and crew locations. 

Clients benefit from accurate updates, enabling landscaping businesses to set and meet expectations effectively. 

The app’s ability to streamline operations ensures timely project completion, contributing to overall client satisfaction. 

If you find a tool that is nearly your ideal but slacks in any of these categories, you can search alternatives for it to find a better option (just search for alternatives e.g. “ExakTime alternatives” or “IdeaBlox alternatives“)

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How Can Landscaping Businesses Measure The ROI of Implementing Time Tracking Software?

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of implementing time tracking software is paramount in the landscape industry’s quest for efficiency. 

Landscaping businesses can gauge the success of this technology by assessing several key metrics:

  1. Analyze the reduction in labor costs through accurate tracking and efficient scheduling, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  2. Consider the increase in overall productivity and project completion rates, indicators of improved operational efficiency.
  3. Evaluating the reduction in errors, overtime expenses, and enhanced accountability within the workforce provides a comprehensive view of the software’s impact.

Do Landscape Crew Tracking Software Have Time Clocks?

Landscaping crew tracking software is pivotal in landscaping companies’ business management. 

Landscape management is simplified by integrating time clocks, allowing landscaping business owners to track time spent on each landscaping job efficiently. 

Offering end-to-end solutions, these cloud-based applications streamline field service operations with features like job scheduling and job costing

New Notifications: Eric Pena is working overtime

These management apps, accessible on mobile devices, enable on-site monitoring, reducing the time-consuming aspects of traditional processes. 

With built-in messaging and CRM capabilities (in some), these solutions provide a comprehensive approach to time tracking and overall business efficiency within the green industry and service businesses.

How To Choose The Best Landscaping Crew Tracking App?

The following are the factors to consider when choosing a landscaping crew tracking tool.

1. Budget

It’s crucial to assess the upfront costs, subscription fees, and any additional charges associated with the software. 

Budget Planning

While some apps offer comprehensive features at a higher price point, others may provide more budget-friendly options with essential functionalities. 

Striking a balance between affordability and functionality is critical, ensuring that the chosen app fits the current budget constraints and offers a sustainable solution for long-term business needs. 

2. User Friendliness

A user-friendly interface ensures that field crews and management can quickly adapt and navigate the software without extensive training. 

A user-friendly app minimizes the learning curve and promotes higher adoption rates among the workforce, enhancing overall efficiency. 

3. Functionality and Features

A robust set of functionalities ensures that the app addresses current challenges and provides a foundation for evolving landscaping business needs. 

Assess the software’s core functionalities, such as GPS tracking precision, scheduling capabilities, and workforce management tools. 

Businesses can make informed decisions by thoroughly examining the functionality and features of prospective apps.

4. Business Requirements

Carefully evaluate your business requirements regarding crew size, project complexity, and client demands. 

Look for a tracking app that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, addressing challenges unique to the landscaping industry. 

By closely matching the app’s capabilities with your business requirements, you ensure that it not only meets your current needs but also adapts to the evolving landscape of your business.

5. Compatibility with Devices

By prioritizing compatibility with devices, you enhance the versatility and accessibility of the landscaping crew tracking app. 

Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, or specialized GPS devices, compatibility ensures a smooth and efficient workflow. 

A high level of compatibility fosters widespread adoption, allowing the entire team to harness the app’s benefits without restrictions. 

6. Data Security and Privacy

Prioritizing data security shields your business from potential breaches and instills trust among your clients and crew members. 

Assess the software’s security protocols, ensuring it complies with industry standards and regulations. 

Look for features like encrypted data transmission and secure storage to safeguard crew details, project data, and client information. 

7. Integrations With Other Platforms

Prioritize an app that offers integrations with popular platforms, such as accounting software, project management tools, or client communication systems. 

This ensures a cohesive and interconnected ecosystem, reducing manual data entry and improving efficiency. 

Consider the app’s flexibility to adapt to your business’s evolving tech stack, enabling a smooth integration process.

8. Customization Options

By prioritizing customization options, you empower your team with a tailored solution that not only meets your current demands but also evolves alongside the dynamic landscape of your business. 

Opt for an app that offers a range of customization features, allowing you to tailor the software to match the unique requirements of your landscaping business. 

Look for flexibility in task categorization, reporting formats, and user permissions to ensure the app aligns seamlessly with your existing processes. 

9. Customer Support

A responsive and reliable support system ensures that your business can quickly address any issues or queries arising during implementation or daily use. 

Look for a provider that offers various support channels, including live chat, email, and phone support, with timely responses. 

Additionally, assess the availability of training resources, tutorials, and documentation to empower your team in utilizing the app effectively. 

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Buddy Punch | Best Software To Track Landscaping Crew For Small Business Owners

buddy punch.png

Buddy Punch is an exemplary solution for tracking landscaping crews and streamlining workforce management with its user-friendly interface and robust features. 

Landscaping businesses benefit from Buddy Punch’s GPS-based time tracking, allowing precise monitoring of crew locations and activities in real time. 

Buddy Punch surpasses traditional time tracking methods by automating the process, reducing errors, and enhancing overall efficiency. 

The software’s integration capabilities and customization options cater specifically to the needs of landscaping businesses, offering a tailored solution that outshines manual tracking. 

Buddy Punch emerges as a superior choice, fostering accountability, accuracy, and adaptability in landscaping crew tracking compared to conventional time-tracking approaches.

1. Employee Time Tracking

The robust features of Buddy Punch’s employee time tracking offer unparalleled ease in managing attendance, time-off requests, and real-time overtime insights

Simple Clock In and Clock Out

The precise monitoring of employees’ work hours, ensures accurate payroll processing and facilitates streamlined operations. 

With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, the software empowers landscaping businesses to enhance efficiency and optimize resource utilization. 

2. Real-Time Insights Into Employees’ Hours

Buddy Punch provides real-time insights into employees’ hours, ensuring seamless monitoring of their work progress. 

The system allows you to set up alerts and receive notifications when employees approach daily or weekly hour thresholds, facilitating efficient scheduling adjustments. 

Built-In Notifications Specifically For Accountants

This comprehensive solution streamlines attendance tracking and empowers businesses with the tools needed to optimize workforce management.

3. Monitoring Overtime

Buddy Punch is the optimal choice for monitoring overtime with precision and ease

The software offers real-time insights, allowing businesses to track employees’ hours effortlessly. 

Emma Megan Payroll example: Overtime Type

Buddy Punch provides the flexibility to set up email or mobile notifications, ensuring managers stay informed when employees approach maximum daily or weekly hours. 

The system’s intuitive design empowers businesses to streamline operations, fostering efficient workforce management. 

4. Accountability With GPS Tracking And Webcam Images

Buddy Punch revolutionizes landscaping crew tracking by offering unparalleled accountability through GPS tracking and webcam images

GPS Tracking

The software’s GPS functionality provides real-time work location insights, while webcam images visually confirm each timestamp. 

Web Cam Photos on Punch Feature

This dual-layered approach enhances accountability and serves as a deterrent against time theft and unauthorized activities. 

5. Time-Off Requests Tracking

With a built-in calendar, employees can effortlessly submit paid or unpaid time-off requests, streamlining the process for managers and crew members. 

In-Built Calendar To Track Time-Off Requests

The software offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the booking and approval of time off, ensuring seamless integration into the workflow. 

Buddy Punch supports diverse time-off policies, providing flexibility for landscaping businesses with varying needs. 

From paid vacations to unplanned leaves, Buddy Punch facilitates accurate tracking, enhancing operational transparency. 

6. Simplifying Payroll and Budgeting

One of Buddy Punch’s key strengths is simplifying payroll and budgeting processes for landscaping businesses. 

Robert Fox: Export to Excel for Payroll

The software integrates job codes, custom reports, and Excel exports, facilitating effortless payroll management. 

The flexibility to use job codes and support for various payroll integration options make payroll and budgeting a streamlined and error-free endeavor. 

7. Flexible Punch Options

Buddy Punch takes the lead with its innovative approach, offering unparalleled flexibility in punch options. 

The software adapts to the diverse needs of landscaping businesses by providing multiple ways for employees to clock in and out, including text messages punch in

This feature streamlines the process, allowing crew members to punch in conveniently via text messages, saving even more time in their daily routines. 

The GPS location tracking feature ensures accurate clock-ins, enhancing overall business management. 

The scheduling tool optimizes crew efficiency, allowing supervisors to schedule crews precisely. 

This integrated solution simplifies clocking in and out and contributes to less time spent on administrative tasks, promoting efficient business management software.

8. Location Tracking

Buddy Punch emerges as the ultimate solution with its robust location-tracking capabilities. 


The feature provides real-time insights into the whereabouts of landscaping crews, ensuring accountability and enhancing operational efficiency. 

With the ability to assign and track multiple job locations, Buddy Punch enables businesses to optimize crew assignments and resource allocation. 

9. Notifications For All

With notifications for all, Buddy Punch goes beyond conventional crew tracking, creating a connected and informed environment via notifications, reminders, and alerts that contribute to the overall efficiency of landscaping businesses. 


The functionality ensures seamless team communication, providing administrators, managers, and employees with real-time alerts and notifications. 

10. PTO Tracking

The software’s built-in PTO tracking feature streamlines paid time off management, ensuring accurate recording and seamless integration with the overall scheduling process. 

Adding a new PTO Accrual Rule in Buddy Punch

Whether administrators need to manually add accrual amounts or enable employees to request PTO through the time card, Buddy Punch offers flexibility tailored to landscaping business needs. 

With customizable PTO accruals and easy approvals, Buddy Punch facilitates a streamlined approach to managing time off.

11. Customizable Reports

The functionality empowers businesses to tailor reports to their needs, providing a wealth of data from Excel to PDF. 

With the ability to create and run custom reports, administrators can delve into the nuances of employee attendance, job code utilization, and project timelines. 

Payroll: Run Report, Import time into payroll

Buddy Punch’s commitment to customization ensures that landscaping businesses have the flexibility to extract meaningful insights, aiding in strategic decision-making. 

12. Integration With Other Software

The software understands the importance of a unified workflow and offers robust integration options with various software solutions. 


The flexibility to integrate with different providers underscores its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of landscaping businesses. 

Buddy Punch enhances crew tracking accuracy by fostering connectivity and contributes to an efficient and cohesive operational ecosystem. 

Does Buddy Punch Offer Job Costing?

Beyond its efficient time clock and mobile time tracking features, the software excels in job costing—essential for landscaping businesses managing diverse work orders. 

Crew leaders can easily assign landscaping jobs, track time, and monitor their team’s activities through the mobile device-friendly interface.

How To Use Buddy Punch as a Tracking Software for the Landscaping Crew?

Using Buddy Punch as a tracking software for your landscaping crew can significantly enhance efficiency and streamline workforce management. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on effectively using Buddy Punch for your landscaping crew.

Step 1: Account Setup

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Step 2: Employee Onboarding

  • Input your crew members’ details into the system.
  • Assign unique usernames and passwords for each employee.
  • Customize access levels based on job roles within your landscaping crew.

Step 3: Schedule Creation

  • Use Buddy Punch’s intuitive scheduling feature to set up shifts for your crew.
  • Assign tasks, locations, and specific job details to each change.

Step 4: Time Tracking

  • Employees can clock in and out using the Buddy Punch mobile app or web interface.
  • Geolocation features ensure that employees are where they need to be for accurate tracking.
  • Buddy Punch allows you to set up break rules, ensuring compliance with labor regulations.
  • Crew members can log breaks through the app.

Step 5: GPS Tracking

  • Take advantage of Buddy Punch’s GPS tracking to monitor the real-time location of your landscaping crew.
  • Ensure that crews are at the designated work sites.

Step 6: Overtime and PTO Management

Step 7: Reporting and Analytics

Step 8: Integration

  • Buddy Punch integrates with various payroll and HR systems for seamless data transfer.
  • Streamline your administrative processes by connecting Buddy Punch with your existing tools.

Step 9: Training and Support

  • Conduct training sessions to familiarize your landscaping crew with the Buddy Punch system.
  • Leverage Buddy Punch’s support resources for any questions or issues.

Buddy Punch’s Online Reviews

As of the writing date, Buddy Punch has 4.8 out of 5 stars and 925 reviews on Capterra.

Buddy Punch reviews on Capterra: 4.8 out of 5 stars with 925 reviews

Below, we’ll list just a few reviews that speak to Buddy Punch’s ease of use and great customer support service. (Click here to explore the full list of reviews.)

“Buddy Punch is a great product that has allowed us to better track our technicians’ hours. They are on the road 3-4 days a week and Buddy Punch helps us know where they are when they punch in/out and whether they are staying on schedule. It’s a great product at a great value!”

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“The product is easy to use and to deploy to employees. The cost is reasonable and it can do more than what we use it for. The employees can edit their time if there is an error, and the Approver can edit and/or approve an employee’s time entry.”

Click here to read the full review.

“Overall it’s a great app! I was able to easily navigate the app and desktop app. The guys were able to easily use it! It was much more efficient than the handwritten time sheets we have been using.”

Click here to read the full review.

“The interaction with the different sections is seamless once a person learns all the processes that relate to time in and time off. Having the availability of the calendar option makes keeping up with personal time very simple. The features that allow changes to time and scheduling are made simple and are quick and easy to perform.”

Click here to read the full review.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Landscaping Crew Tracking App

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of using the landscaping tracking app.


Landscaping Crew

The following are the advantages of the landscape crew tracking software.

1. Real-Time Location Tracking

One significant advantage of incorporating a landscaping crew tracking app is implementing real-time location tracking. 

The feature enhances operational efficiency by providing instant visibility into the whereabouts of crew members. 

Employers can monitor the live location of each team member, enabling better resource allocation, route optimization, and timely project management. 

2. Efficient Task Scheduling

One of the standout advantages of utilizing a landscape crew tracking app is achieving efficient task scheduling. 

The app empowers managers to assign tasks dynamically, considering factors like proximity to job sites and crew members’ skill sets. 

By incorporating efficient task scheduling, landscaping businesses can achieve higher operational efficiency.

3. Better Time Management

An essential advantage of adopting a landscaping crew tracking app is the significant improvement in time management

The app provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and optimizing the time invested in various tasks. 

With real-time insights into each crew member’s activities, managers can allocate resources more effectively, preventing unnecessary delays in project timelines. 

4. Track Job Progress

The feature provides real-time visibility into ongoing projects, allowing managers to monitor the status of tasks and make informed decisions. 

Crew members can log their activities, and managers can access up-to-the-minute updates on job completion, ensuring that projects stay on schedule. 

By utilizing the app’s job progress tracking, landscaping businesses can maintain control over their operations, deliver projects more efficiently, and uphold a reputation for reliability and timely project completion. 

5. Payroll Management

Efficient payroll management is critical to integrating a landscaping crew tracking app into your business operations. 

This automation minimizes the risk of payroll errors, streamlining the payroll process and saving valuable time for both employees and managers. 

With detailed and precise time data, payroll calculations become more transparent and less prone to discrepancies. 

6. Employee Performance Analysis

Employee performance analysis not only aids in recognizing and rewarding high-performing individuals but also serves as a valuable tool for targeted training and development programs. 

The app provides detailed insights into each crew member’s daily activities, including time spent on specific tasks and job locations. 

The data enables managers to assess individual performance objectively, identify top-performing team members, and recognize areas for improvement. 

7. Enhance Communication

Enhanced communication improves overall teamwork and contributes to better project management, ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

The app facilitates seamless communication by providing real-time updates on crew members’ locations, tasks, and project statuses. 

This fosters efficient collaboration, enabling team members to communicate effectively, address challenges promptly, and adapt to changing project requirements. 


Landscaping Crew Tracking Software

The following are the disadvantages of the landscape tracking tool.

1. Initial Investment

One notable drawback is the initial investment required to implement such a system. 

The cost involves acquiring the software, training the crew, and potentially purchasing compatible devices. 

Despite the initial financial commitment, the benefits, such as improved efficiency, enhanced accountability, and streamlined operations, can outweigh the costs over time. 

2. Learning Curve

The learning curve could decrease overall productivity as individuals become familiar with the new system. 

As crews transition to using the software, adjustment, and training may be required for both employees and management. 

However, this challenge is often outweighed by the long-term benefits the tracking app brings, such as improved efficiency, accurate time tracking, and streamlined communication. 

3. Technical Issues

As with any software, there may be bugs, glitches, or connectivity problems that could disrupt the smooth operation of the tracking system. 

Technical issues might lead to temporary downtimes, affecting real-time updates and accurate data recording. 

However, businesses can mitigate this disadvantage by choosing a reputable software provider known for regular updates, responsive customer support, and a commitment to resolving technical issues promptly. 

4. Employee Privacy

One notable concern with landscaping crew tracking apps is the potential impact on employee privacy. 

As these applications often involve real-time location tracking and monitoring of work hours, some employees may feel that their privacy is compromised. 

Implementing privacy settings, obtaining consent, and emphasizing employee and business benefits can balance effective tracking and respecting employees’ privacy rights.

5. Customization Challenges

Customization is crucial for aligning the software with the unique requirements of landscaping businesses, such as diverse job types, varying work locations, and specific reporting needs. 

Companies may need help tailoring the app to accommodate intricate scheduling or reporting structures. 

To mitigate this disadvantage, it’s essential for companies to thoroughly assess the customization capabilities of a tracking app before implementation. 

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How Do You Do Landscape Management For Lawn Care Businesses With Landscape Management Software?

Landscape management for lawn care businesses is revolutionized with advanced landscaping software, especially those featuring cloud-based solutions. 

The technology allows landscaping companies to manage work orders efficiently, track time, and enhance overall business management. 

With mobile-friendly interfaces, crew leaders can easily assign and monitor landscaping jobs, leveraging mobile devices as time clocks for accurate time tracking. 

Integrating job costing capabilities ensures precise financial analysis, contributing to improved profitability. 

Cloud-based landscaping software streamlines operations and enhances the customer experience, positively impacting the bottom line. 

Investing in such innovative solutions in the competitive landscaping industry is invaluable for sustained growth and success.


1. Is Landscaping Crew Tracking Software Suitable For Small Businesses?


Landscaping crew tracking software is well-suited for small businesses, offering streamlined scheduling, efficient time tracking, and enhanced job management. 

These tools help small landscaping businesses optimize their operations, improve crew productivity, and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

2. Can I Track My Crew’s Progress In Real-Time?

Indeed, the best all-in-one landscaping crew tracking software provides real-time insights into your crew’s activities. 

With GPS and advanced tracking features, you can monitor their locations, tasks, and overall progress, ensuring effective management of landscaping projects.

3. Will Landscaping Crew Tracking Software Work On My Smartphone?


The leading landscaping crew tracking software is designed to be compatible with smartphones. 

Whether you use Android or iOS, you can easily access the software on your smartphone, providing flexibility and convenience for on-the-go management of your landscaping crew.

4. Can Landscaping Crew Tracking Software Integrate With Quickbooks?

Yes, landscaping crew tracking software often seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, streamlining the financial aspects of landscaping companies. 

Having such integration facilitates seamless invoicing and payroll processing, positively impacting the bottom line. 

Work orders and landscaping jobs can be easily managed through the software, enhancing overall business efficiency. 

Additionally, the software contributes to a better customer experience by enabling transparent communication and timely completion of lawn care tasks. 

In essence, these features make landscaping software a comprehensive solution for optimizing operations and boosting profitability in the landscaping industry.

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