How the IT Industry Has Revolutionized Every Other Industry

Efficiency and productivity have long been the first order of business –no matter what size a company is –or industry they’re in.

But in recent years, especially, advancements in technology have made real changes to “business as usual,” and we’re seeing a significant and fundamental shift in the way companies operate –and how they engage with customers. Thanks to the advent of the internet, and the popularity of mobile technology, there’s no shortage of tools, as well as opportunities that business’ have at their disposal to be more efficient, productive, and competitive.

It’s safe to say that the IT industry has revolutionized almost every single industry –and companies that are looking to keep up –and stay competitive, need to recognize the importance of investing in technology that will help them to perform their tasks more efficiently, access information more easily, and manage their business operations more productively.

If you’re looking for ideas to stay ahead of the curve and maximize your profits –you’ll want to consider reinvesting in your company –and purchase or obtain tools that will help your business to perform at its best. Unfortunately, though –according to a report by the Small Business Technology Institute (SBTI) and Small Business Technology Magazine, small businesses tend to allocate very limited human and financial resources to support their IT functions, instead, these businesses tend to approach IT support on a reactive basis.

This approach, though, isn’t without its risks. Companies that fail to implement systems and software that will help them to stay competitive today are doing themselves a real disservice. By foregoing upgrades for too long –companies could quickly find themselves being taken over by competitors, or out of business.

The face of business is quickly shifting –and there are big changes on the horizon as well. Let’s take a look at a few ways that technology is changing business today –for the better.

Improved Connectivity

Technology is making it easier than ever for companies of any size to communicate –and connect with customers. It’s also improving internal communication as well –making it easier for different departments –or workers to collaborate, whether they’re in the same building, or in different sides of the world. Implementing free tools that most companies know and love –such as Google Drive or Dropbox for project collaboration, as well as text and video chat is a great way to keep the lines of communication open –making it easier than ever to collaborate on projects, connect with clients at a moment’s notice, post live updates, and so much more.

Reduced Costs

New technology can also reduce business costs –helping comes to save both time, and money. There’s no shortage of general as well as industry-specific tools that are available today that can help companies to maximize their efficiency by simplifying –or even automating many once time-consuming tasks. From automated time-tracking software or record keeping tools, to accounting, payroll, and more –improving efficiency, as well as accuracy can save time and help to reduce operating costs.

Advanced Targeted Marketing

Marketing today has the ability to be more targeted –and effective than ever. Analytics services allow you to segment your prospects for targeted emails or messages, allowing you to adjust your message to ensure maximum impact. Today, online advertising is all about discovering user preferences, something that you can easily do with analytics software which allows you to see what visitors to your website are doing –showing you how you can target them more specifically, and adjust your website –or marketing message to reach them more effectively. According to Accenture, 60 percent of the 2000 organizations surveyed indicate they are seeing a positive ROI on their investments in personalization technologies.

While small to medium-sized businesses, understandably, often find it difficult to shell out a significant amount of cash just to keep up with changing technology, it’s important not to overlook the benefits of technology –and to judiciously choose tools that will help you to maximize profits, and enable your business to grow. Understanding how technology works can help you to make informed decisions about tools that will benefit your business –allowing you to choose technology and software that will help you to scale your company –and maximize your profits.

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