New Feature Update – Usernames

Hello fellow punchers. Today we’re rolling out a change to usernames that should make your life easier. Before today we required each employee to have an email address – this email address was used for login as well as password resets. Starting today you can now specify any username that you would like your employees to use as a login – it does not have to be an email address. We still ask for an email address to use for password resets – but you can use your admin email address or an employees email address.

So can you still use email addresses for login? YES – you are allowed to specify anything you’d like for a username, so you can still use an email address. We still recommend doing this for your users because it is easy to remember, but for users who don’t have an email address this should be what you’ve been waiting for!

Also new – you the admin are now allowed to set the password for each employee (we still pre-populate it for you, if you don’t want to set it).

Below is a screenshot of the new and improved screen for adding new employees. It is very self explanatory, but as always if you have any questions we’re here to answer them!


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